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Transition Area

The transition area will be located, on the square between the building of South Aegean Region and the Nautical Club of Rhodes. It is the same transition area, that was used for the Island Games 2007 triathlon race. You can check the trasition area at the photos ate the bottom of the page:


Swim Course

2 Laps of 950 m (1.9 km)
The swim will be located in the central beach of Rhodes City, behind the building of South Aegean Region. The race start will be at the point of the beach facing the famous Trampoline, a well known and popular spot of the central beach.

The swim will consist of 2 laps, of 950m each, as shown on the maps below.



Bike Course

4 Laps of 18 km (90 km)
The bike part of the race, will start at the exit of the transition area. Athletes will ride along the coastline towards the Rodos Palace Hotel, situated on the east side of the island. At some point, before the hotel, they will make a U-turn and will ride back thru the Ancient Acropolis of Rhodes to the transition area. They will ride through the central marina of the city centre towards the tourist port, the main port and the new marina of Rhodes. After the marina they make another U-turn to return to the transition area, thus completing 1 lap of 18 Km.


The bike stage will consist of 5 laps. You can see the map of 1 of the 5 laps below:


Run Course

4 Laps of 5.275 km (21.1 km)
The running course, will start at the exit of the transition area. The athletes will follow the coastal road to the “Diagoras Statue” and then back to the transition area.The athletes will follow the coastal road next to the tourist boats in the main marina to the mills the lighthouse of SANTOS NIKOLAOS until the female fawn and return to the change zone. Check out the photos and the maps below::