Ocean Lava Rhodes “Olympic Triathlon” – Saturday 19 October 2019


Check in Transition Zone  12:00 – 16:00. Bring with you ID card, FEDERATION LICENCE or MEDICAL NOTE that you are healthy and able to participate in triathlon races. If you didn’t send payment receipt bring it with you. You take BIB NUMBERS, you SIGN the DISCLAIM FORM.

13:00 to 16:00 Training

You can train in the race swim, bike and  run course

17:30 Technical Conference – GENNADI SCHOOL

Athletes are required to attend the technical conference. Swim, Bike and Run courses will be analysed in detail as well as the race regulations will be presented. Conference presenters: DR Chatzinikolas Nikolaos.



Ocean Lava Rhodes “Olympic Triathlon” – Sunday 20 October 2019


08:00 to 10:00 Transition Zone is Open for Athletes

Athletes can bring and prepare their bike and other equipment.  10:00 transition zone closes . You can swim warming up till 10:15

10:15 End of Swim Warm Up

Athletes must exit the water.

10:30 Race Start

At 10:30, the race starts.

15:00 Race Finishes

Until 15:00, all athletes must cross the finish line. If not, their
participation is not valid. Time limits are as follows:

  • Swim: 60 minutes from race start (11:30)
  • Swim & Bike: 3 hours 15 minutes from race start (13:45)
  • Swim & Bike & Run: 4 hours 30 minutes from race start (15:00)

14:30 Medal Ceremony starts  waiting for  last finishers  HEROES TIME !!!

Finishers medals will be awarded at the finishers Olympic Triathon ceremony at 14:30 waiting for the rest finishing heroes!!!